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This tool allows you to monitor (for now, later versions will honor the "control" in the name) your FRITZ!Box devices, provided they export their signal data in the /proc filesystem under /proc/avalanche.

Basically this does the same as the JavaScript code in the web interface, only that this tool does it much better. It will provide you with a history so you can see how high a carrier got since you started monitoring. It also colors the bars relative to the delta to the maximum value so you can easily spot where carriers are not stable. The tool has a built in cursor functionality, so you can move over any carrier with your mouse and it will show the exact value in the status bar.

There is a binary provided for the Windows version. You will have to compile the Linux version yourself.


First you need to install the firmware mod on your FRITZ!Box. For this you use the files in the firmware directory. You have the following choices:

Filename Description
enable-stats-and-telnet.img Enables the stats server on port 2323 (this is unauthenticated) as well as a telnet server on port 23.
enable-stats.img This enables the stats server only.

Use the FRITZ!Box web interface to update your device (warning, this might void your warranty, in any case, stop right here if you don't know what you're doing). After this you will have port 2323 open as well as port 23 if you flashed enable-stats-and-telnet.img.

Start the application and go to "File | Set target". A dialog will pop up where you have to enter the hostname / ip of the device as well as the port where the telnet server providing the stats runs. For example:


If everything went right, you should now have graphs that show your signal data, if not, report this in the forum.


You can now adjust the update speed of the display by going to "Device | Update speed" and selecting one of these options:

Setting Description
High Update the display every 500 miliseconds
Normal Update the display every 2 seconds
Low Update the display every 4 seconds
Paused No updates are done


I don't test what impact the high update speed has on busy boxes, maybe it will affect your performance. If you test this, please report your findings in the forum.



Screenshot with the data from testdata.txt


This project is licensed under the following license:

GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)


  • Axel Gembe


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