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Parallel port LED driver for Linux


This is a LED subsystem device driver for the Linux operating system. The code was written for Linux version 2.6.22.

The module takes 1 parameter, which is parled_port_nr, which is the parallel port number on which the LEDs are connected.



This projects Subversion repository can be checked out with the following instruction:

svn co https://deve.loping.net/svn/leds-parport/trunk/

You can also browse the repository here: https://deve.loping.net/svn/leds-parport/trunk/

Write access

If you want write access to the repository, contact the author and he will consider your request based on your reasons. All commits to the repository will be monitored and, if necessary, reverted. If you just want to contribute a single patch, you can also send it to author by email (patches are preferred against the latest development version).


This project is licensed under the following license:

GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)


  • Axel Gembe


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